How does it work?

Are you a private home owner, looking to make home improvements ?

Get your quote

Book a free consultation with us and we’ll put together a fee proposal fully customised to your needs.

Measured Survey

After paying your deposit, we’ll carry out a measured survey of the bulding to kick start design process.  

Meet & Design

Once we understand your home and your vision, together we will create layout options to suit your lifestyle. Once agreed, we will submit the proposal to your Local Authority on your behalf.

Get ready to build

Once the required consents are in place, we will progress to the next phase of dealing with building regs, party walls, all the way to finding trusted professionals, bringing you closer to your final goal.

Are you a commercial developer or a contractor looking for        ad hoc architectural support ?

At archiflair we cover a range of project typologies

Bespoke house design 

Flatted development 

Permitted development 

Commercial office

Co-Live & Work

Student accommodation



Site appraisal 

Listed building 

Conservation area 

Whether you are ready or just assessing viability of a project, at archiflair, we can tailor the scope and role to meet the requirements as:

Design consultant

Project based architect

Contracting – Main contractor

Contracting – Joint Venture with other architects


Trusted advice & creative design solutions 

Designs are tailored to suit your lifestyle and how you use the space. At archiflair, we are more than number crunchers. We treat every project as unique as no two clients are the same.

What really sets us apart is that we are not afraid to question the ‘norm’, and to ask you ‘what if’, in order to find innovative design solutions for your home and business.

Small enough to care; big enough to cope

As an independent company we are able to forge close Director-led client relationships and respond pro-actively to your individual needs.

Experience &



We've helped many clients with their dream and vision and have the experience working with London Borough Councils and the Local Counties.

Adding value, not complication 

We thrive on clients' feedback that they are delighted with the value for money they receive and the value added to their property or business. We aim to ensure clear, transparent pricing and always provide a letter of engagement prior to beginning work to make you clearly aware of the fees.



You  can reach us anytime through our on-line platform or via phone and we will to respond to your query at the earliest opportunity.

We'll Work Beyond The Project Scope

At archiflair, we pride ourselves on three key areas: client care before the project, during the project and most crucially, after the project. 

We are a dedicated team of professionals that aspire for perfection, clarity and viability, because doing great work means more to us than just a win for our brand. 


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