Our Packages

Private Home Owners


Layout Options 



Ideal for just exploring possibilities 

Permitted & Lawful Development - Planning



Ideal for permitted development and planning application support whereby existing drawings of the property are provided 

Full Planning with measured survey



Suitable for projects whereby existing drawings are not availabe 

Building Regulations




Detailed drawings and technical specification to support Building Control application and assist builder to understand construct and price.

Commercial Developer / Contractor 

Please get in touch today for detail on fee as they will be subject to scope, scale and complexity of project.

The fees are typically calculated as lump sum, hourly / day-rate or percentage of contract value.

Concept Study : Feasibility - Site Capacity & Opportunity :  Due dilligence assessment : Pre-Planning Application - Drawings & Design Brochure : Planning Application - Drawings & DAS: Change Of Use Application : Permitted Development : Marketing Collateral : Building Regulations : Production Information : Conveyancing Plans


What does archiflair      offer?

A tailor made service that brings all architectural services together to enable you to build your ideal space.

This comprises of:

Measured survey; Design  options; Planning submission; Co-ordinate structural and other other consultant's information; Building regulations; assist you with attaining quotes through our trade contacts. 

At archiflair, we will assist you every step of the way, removing the hassle.

My builder says I don't need an architect

The question you should ask yourselves is would you prefer the builder to choose your construction materials and methods, over an independent professional?

Our input does not stop at planning as there are many statutory and legislative requirements that a building would need to meet. Our main objective is to deliver a building that is compliant, legal and safe.

How much will my building project cost?

Projects can be designed and built to meet a specific financial budget.

As a rule of thumb, a home building work, could cost in the region of £1300 to £2000 per square metre subject to material selection, finishes and fittings. You would also need to add  professional fees and contigency. This could be anywhere in the region of 15% to 20% approximately on top of construction cost. 

At archiflair, we can advise you on cost saving design solutions.

Why should I use an architect?

Architects are highly skilled and professionally trained to assist you every step of the way;

They will guide you through the design process from inception, through to planning and construction;

A trusted ARB registered professional will offer extra level of security and comfort.

Do I need Planning Permission?

If you are changing the outside of a building, then most likely, yes.

At archiflair, we can advise you on planning protocols and assist you with making the correct planning application to meet the requirements. 

What if I change my mind?

Change is part of the design journey. At archiflair, we provide alternative design options to assist you visualise and weigh up pros and cons at the start. As you would appreciate, it is easier and cheaper to alter the drawings than altering the building.

What is the difference between an architectural technician, and an architect?

Architects go though rigourous training and certification;

In the UK, it is a criminal offence to call yourself an architect if you have not passed the exams and registered. Anyone can call themselves a techincian or designer;

Architects are required by law to carry a suitable professional indemnity insurance for all their work; 

How long will my project take?

Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer. It is process driven and therefore reliant on number of factors:

Planning permission takes 8 -12 weeks after submission and validation. Timescales may vary should further amendments be required;

Next stage, will be detail design and building regulaitons application alongside finding your builder;

Construction period of 3 - 5 months should be allowed, depending on the complexity of the project.

Do you have an insurance?

Yes, by law all architects are required to carry appropriate level of professional indemnity insurance. A copy of the cover note is available on request.


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